The Crashes Vol 1 DVD (Best of 2005-2010)

The Crashes Vol 1 DVD (Best of 2005-2010)
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Video Description

Over 240 flips, pile-ups, and wild racing altercations have been compiled into an 84 minute marathon of carnage called 'The Crashes: Volume 1'

The wrecks in this DVD were captured GSP Video at short track racing events mostly between the years 2005-2010.

'The Crashes' is categorized into seven sections including:
Indoor Insanity (winter indoor events)
Small Car Combat (scaled-down racecars)
Full Federed Frenzy (stock cars)
Wild and Wingless (non-wing sprints and midgets)
Super Sprinters (winged PA sprint cars)
Modified Mayhem (northeast-style modifieds)
Road Rage (angry drivers)

With over six years of wild action this is a must have for any short track video collection.

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