Grandview Speedway - September 10, 2005 DVD (Freedom 76)

Grandview Speedway - September 10, 2005 DVD (Freedom 76)
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The 35th annual BPG Freedom 76 is held on September 10, 2005 paying $20,000 to the feature winner for the 358 modifieds.

Video contains the complete show including all qualifying races and the 76-lap feature event in a two-disc DVD set.


T.H.PROPERTIES FREEDOM 76 MODIFIED CLASSIC:1.Ray Swinehart 2. Kevin Hartnett 3. Meme DeSantis 4. Craig VonDohren 5. Tom Mayberry 6.Tom Umbenhauer 7.Keith Brightbill 8.Jeff Strunk 9.Donny Erb 10.Mike Gular 11. David VanHorn 12. Kenny Brightbill 13.Jon Kellner Sr. 14.Todd Burley 15.Kerry Kratz 16.Bobby Trapper 17.Jason Hamilton 18.Rick Schaffer 19.Kenny Gilmore 20.Danny Erb 21.Jason Smythe 22.Cliff Quinn 23.Todd Smith 24.Jeff Paulson 25.Ryan Beltz 26.Greg Humlhanz 27.Smokey Warren 28.Jimmy Reppert 29.John Willman 30.Doug Hoffman 31. Sean Merkel 32.Kyle Weiss 33.Shawn Reimer 34.Brian Kressley 35.Doug Manmiller 36.Ryan Watt.

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