Big Diamond Speedway - August 31, 2012 DVD (Coalcracker Friday)

Big Diamond Speedway - August 31, 2012 DVD (Coalcracker Friday)
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358 modified, sportsman, legends car and roadrunner from Big Diamond Speedway on August 31, 2012. The 358 modifieds run their final point feature of the season, which was held over from a June 22nd power outage, plus the Coca-Cola Challenge one-one-one match races for the top 11 in points. The Sportsman compete in the annual Coalcracker 50.

Video contains the complete show including all qualifying and feature events for all divisions on a single DVD.


Sportsman: 1-Ray Woodall, Jr. 2-Brad Brightbill 3-Jared Umbenhauer 4-Kevin Beach, Jr. 5-Billy Moyer, Jr. 6-Tim Fitzpatrick 7-Doug Hendricks 8-Shawn Fitzpatrick 9-Jim Houseworth 10-Heath Metzger 11-Mike Glass 12-Harry Landis 13-Kyle Borror 14-Wayne Witmer 15-Andy Fayash, Jr. 16-Shawn Light 17-Steve Searock, IV 18-Mike Lisowski 19-JR Fulper 20-Jeremy Hertzog 21-Charles Fayash 22-Charles Webber 23-Josh Hertzog 24-Corey Renninger

358 Modifieds: 1-Ricky Yeter 2-Meme DeSantis 3-Andy Burkhart 4-Ray Swinehart 5-Brian Houseknecht 6-Jeff Strunk 7-Rick Laubach 8-Craig VonDohren 9-Keith Hoffman 10-Doug Manmiller 11-Dale Hartz 12-Colt Harris 13-Kevin Albert, Jr. 14-Dan Hineline 15-Mike Mammana 16-Jim Bobbit, Jr. 17-Brad Arnold 18-Gary Hager 19-Craig Whitmoyer 20-Blaine Bracelin

358 Modifieds Coca-Cola Challenge Overall Winner: Craig Von Dohren

Roadrunners: 1-Shon Elk 2-Kevin Olenick 3-Glenn Rowan 4-Jared Siegfried 5-TJ Fitzpatrick 6-Jeremy Becker 7-Chip Kennedy 8-Christian Donati 9-Joey Brennan 10-Kyle Killian 11-Terry Kramer, Jr. 12-Jesse Krasnitsky 13-Marc Berzowski 14-Jim Kost 15-Tim Fitzpatrick, Jr.

Legends Cars Top-5: Rick Miller, Chris Spidle, Scott Gobrecht, Tim Bauer, Bob Stough

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