Action Track USA - August 15, 2013 (Fair Night #3) DVD

Action Track USA - August 15, 2013 (Fair Night #3) DVD
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Video Description

270 wingless micro, vintage car and enduro racing from Action Track USA on Thursday, August 14, 2013. Night #3 of the Kutztown Fair Nationals showcases the 'Daniel Boone 200' enduro stock car race. The video contains the entire show including all heat, feature and enduro events on a single DVD.


Wingless 270cc Micro-Sprints, 20 laps: 1.Kyle Spence, 2.Ross Perchak, 3.Jacob Hendershot, 4.Zack Bealer, 5.Chris James Jr., 6.Brett Arndt, 7.Steve Walters, 8.Jeff Carman, 9.Jake Smith, 10.Jarid Kunkle, 11.Ronald Helmick, 12.Bobby Butler, 13.Cheyanne Schaffer, 14.Austin Bishop, 15.Hunter James. DNS: Harlee Schaffer.

Daniel Boone 200 Enduro, 200 laps: 1.Todd Francis, 2.Justin Rowlands, 3.Bee Luckenbill, 4.Jose Cenda, 5.Robert Noll, 6.Darrel Herman, 7.Pat Hires, 8.Frederick Krajcic, 9.Mike Fiskaldo, 10.Mark Naftzinger, 11.Brian Miller, 12.Gary Grim, 13.John Bilofsky, 14.Phil Levering, 15.Brian Yelk, 16.Jeff Pawling, 17.Eric Younker, 18.Cody Young, 19.Paul Noll, 20.Doug Naftzinger, 21.Justin Steigerwalt.

Blast From the Past Vintage Modified Finish, 20 laps: 1.Vince Gagliardo Jr., 2.Kerry Meitzler, 3.Tim Pitts, 4.Jeff Hager, 5.Dave Dissinger, 6.Chick Kulp, 7.Richie Iversen.

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