Grandview Speedway - June 13 & July 25, 2009 DVD (Two Nights of Racing/URC Sprint Cars)

Grandview Speedway - June 13 & July 25, 2009 DVD (Two Nights of Racing/URC Sprint Cars)
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On Saturday June 13th, Grandview Speedway unsuccessfully tried to host a complete doubleheader for the URC Sprint Cars and NASCAR 358 modifieds. Both held-over feature events were postponed to another URC/358 Modified doubleheader night the following month on July 25th. Video contains both nights of racing including all qualifying and four feature events in a special two-disc DVD-set.


June 13, 2009: (No Features Completed)

July 25, 2009: NASCAR ALL AMERICAN SERIES 358 MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH 30 laps (RAINED OUT ON JUNE 13): 1.Craig VonDohren 2. Shawn Reimert 3. Billy Pauch Jr. 4. Duane Howard 5. Jeff Strunk 6. Doug Manmiller 7. Kevin Hirthler 8. Mike Gular 9. Meme DeSantis 10. Terry Meitzler 11. Keith Brightbill 12. Jon Kellner Sr. 13. Keith Hoffman 14. Kerry Kratz 15. Jason Smythe 16. Addison Meitzler 17. Danny Hieber 18. Brad Missimer 19. Ryan Grim (Balance of field did not finish) 20. Jeremy Banos 21. Kyle Follweiler 22. Cliff Quinn 23. Sean Merkel 24. John Willman 25. Ryan Godown 26. Mark Kratz 27. Tom Umbenhauer 28. Don Norris

NASCAR ALL AMERICAN SERIES 358 MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH 30 laps: 1. Addison Meitzler 2. Jeff Strunk 3. Brad Missimer 4. Doug Manmiller 5. Duane Howard 6. Billy Pauch Jr. 7. Keith Hoffman 8. Keith Brightbill 9. Shawn Reimert 10. Terry Meitzler 11. Danny Hieber 12. Kevin Hirthler 13. Todd Smith 14. Tom Umbenhauer 15. Ryan Grim 16. Ryan Beltz 17. Mark Kratz 18. Mike Gular (Balance of field did not finish) 19. Ray Swinehart 20. Kyle Follweiler 21. Craig VonDohren 22. John Willman 23. Troy Wink 24. Chris Esposito 25. Meme DeSantis 26. Kerry Kratz 27. Jon Kellner Jr. 28. Ryan Godown 29. Jason Hamilton

RISLONE URC Sprint cars - 25 laps (first seven laps run on June 13th before being rained out): Davey Sammons, JJ Grasso, Kyle Purks, Chuck Palmucci, Chris Coyle, Art Liedl, Josh Weller, Becca Anderson, Andy Best, Nick Schlauch Jr., Dave Gable, Kramer Williamson, Brett Schoenly, Curt Michael, Robbie Stillwaggon, Tim Hogue, Jonathan Swanson, Scott Pursell, Trevor Lewis, Jimmy Reppert, Kenny Meisner, Michael Carber, Joe Zuczek, Rory Janney. Fred's Trailer Parts Hard Charger- - JJ Grasso- -advanced eleven spots in the feature.

RISLONE URC Sprint cars - 25 laps: Trevor Lewis, Justin Collett, JJ Grasso, Nick Schlauch Jr., Tim Hogue, Kramer Williamson, Becca Anderson, Curt Michael, Randy West, Kyle Purks, Josh Weller, Brett Schoenly, Art Liedl, Chuck Palmucci, Andy Best, Ed Wagner, Robbie Stillwaggon, Kevin Welsh, Chris Coyle, Jonathan Swanson, Dave Gable, Danny Massey, Jimmy Reppert, Davey Sammons. DNQ- - Scott Pursell, Mike Kostic, Jonathan Baker, Jay Shypinka, Jim Walters, Kenny Meisner, Chris Weiss.

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