Grandview Speedway - July 3, 2007 DVD (Thunder on the Hill/PA Sprint Speedweek)

Grandview Speedway - July 3, 2007 DVD (Thunder on the Hill/PA Sprint Speedweek)
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On July 3, 2007, Thunder on the Hill hosts the Pennsylvania Speedweek series for the 410 sprint cars with a 35-lap feature paying $5,000 to win, plus the weekly Grandview 358 modifieds also in action. Video contains the complete show including time trials, qualifying, and feature events for both divisions on a single DVD.


35 LAP 410 Sprint Car Finish: Todd Shaffer, Lucas Wolfe, Lance Dewease, Greg Hodnett, Chad Layton, Stevie Smith, Kevin Nouse, Brian Montheith, Alan Krimes, Brian Leppo, Keith Kauffman, Mark Smith, Alan Cole, Billy Pauch, Ryan Taylor, Cliff Brian, Jonathan Erksen, Joe Ilg, T.J. Winegardner, Fred Rahmer, T.J. Stutts, Josh Weller, Billy Schoffstall, Doug Esh. DNQ- Dave Hahn, Niki Young, Bob Bennett, Judi Bates, Mark Bitner, Nick Schlaugh, J.R. Berry

25 LAP BPG 358 NASCAR Modified Feature Finish: Duane Howard, Craig VonDohren, MeMe DeSantis, Ryan Watt, Doug Manmiller, Rick Laubach, Rick Shaffer, Larry Solomon, Jason Hamilton, Kevin Hirthler, Tom Umbenhauer, Sean Merkel, Donny Erb, Ryan Grim, Shawn Reimert, Brad Missimer, John Tschudy, Todd Smith, John Wilman, Tommy Sheetz, Chris Esposito, Rich Wisdo, Ray Swinehart, Cliff Quinn, John Kellner, Jr, Terry Meitzler, Jeff Strunk.

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