Grandview Speedway - June 26, 2005 DVD (Thunder on the Hill/PA Sprint Speedweek)

Grandview Speedway - June 26, 2005 DVD (Thunder on the Hill/PA Sprint Speedweek)
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On June 26, 2005, Thunder on the Hill hosts the Pennsylvania Speedweek series for the 410 sprint cars with a 35-lap feature paying $5,000 to win. ARDC midgets also compete on the night and run off the remaining 18 laps of their May 24th feature event.

Video contains the complete show including time trials, qualifying, and feature events for both divisions on a single DVD.


35-LAP 410 SPRINT CAR FEATURE 1. Fred Rahmer, 2. Lance Dewease, 3. Mark Smith, 4. Kevin Nouse, 5. Greg Hodnett, 6. Chad Layton, 7. Alan Cole, 8. Trevor Lewis, 9. Cliff Brian, 10. Bill Brian, Jr., 11. Brian Montieth, 12. Dave Cordier, 13. Niki Young, 14. Lucas Wolfe, 15. Sam Schlosberg, 16. Jason Johnson, 17. Keith Kauffman, 18. Michael Carber, 19. Dave Hahn, 20. Jeff Busby, 21. Judi Bates, 22. Brook Weibley, 23. Pat Cooper. DNS: Phil Weinsteiger, Jr., DNQ: Garry Gollub, Chris Weiss, Mike Erdley.

FIRST 20-LAP ARDC MIDGET FEATURE (CONTINUED FROM MAY 24): 1.Steve Buckwalter 2.Ray Bull 3.Frank Polimeda 4.Andy Martin 5.Steve Lenig 6.Ryan Smith 7.Tracy Miller 8.Donnie Trent 9.Shawn Burke 10.Bryan Kobylarz 11.Dave Shirk 12.Jeff Stelter 13.Lew Blair 14.Carey Becker 15.Scott Zipp 16.Chris Rupp DNF: Jim Jackson, Ted Schmid, Mike Miller, Michele Miller, Mike Krause, Steve Craig.

SECOND 20-LAP ARDC MIDGET FEATURE: 1.Ray Bull 2.Mike Miller 3.Andy Martin 4.Steve Buckwalter 5.Billy Pauch, Jr. 6.Ed Stimely, Jr. 7.Frank Polimeda 8.Scott Zipp 9.Dave Shirk 10.Carey Becker 11.Donnie Trent 12.Tracy Miller 13.Steve Lenig 14.Shawn Burke 15.Jim Jackson 16.Lew Blair 17.Nick Wean 18.Jeff Schell 19.Chris Rupp DNF: Buddy Baker, Ryan Smith, Pete Pavlic, Bill Case, Jr., Michele Miller, Ted Schmid, Mark Lawshe.

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