Grandview Speedway - June 6, 2007 DVD (Thunder on the Hill/USAC Sprints/ARDC Midgets)

Grandview Speedway - June 6, 2007 DVD (Thunder on the Hill/USAC Sprints/ARDC Midgets)
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The USAC National Sprint Car Series comes to Grandview Speedway for the first time ever for a 30-lap $4,000 to win event on June 6, 2007. The ARDC midgets also compete, making a open-cockpit wingless Thunder on the Hill doublerheader. Video contains the complete show including time trials, qualifying, and feature events for both divisions.


USAC NATIONAL SPRINT SERIES FEATURE FINISH: Levi Jones, Brady Short, Billy Pauch, Damion Gardner, Brady Bacon, Robert Ballou, Ricky StenhouseJr., Dave Darland, Darren Hagen, Jesse Hockett, Jerry Coons Jr., Josh Weller, Jimmy Light, Mike Martin, Matt Neely, Lucas Wolfe, Bobby Ream Jr., Daron Clayton, Chris Windom, Kevin Swindell, Brad Sweet, Johnny Heydenreich. DNQ- - Jimmy Stitzel, Zachary Martini, J.R. Berry, Michael Carber, Jamie Bodo, Neil Shepard, Matt Rossi, Billy Pauch Jr., Bobby Elliott, Mark Bitner, Ricky Stinhouse, Mike Murgoitio, Mark Whitehead.

ARDC MIDGET FEATURE FINISH: Jerry Coons Jr., Steve Buckwalter, Drew Heistand, Frank Polimeda, Ray Bull, Eric Heydenreich, Ed Stimely Jr., Andy Martin, Billy Pauch Jr., Ryan Smith, Nick Wean, Brett Arndt, A.J. Ernesto, Tracy Readinger, Randy Monroe Jr., P.J Gargiulo, Steve Lenig, Scott Lenig, Greg Robinson, Bob Goerner, Jeff Schell, Mike Lapp, Tom Hessert, Mike Miller, Bruce Buckwalter Jr., Michele Miller.

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