Big Diamond Speedway - May 30, 2011 DVD (Keystone Cup Series)

Big Diamond Speedway - May 30, 2011 DVD (Keystone Cup Series)
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Video Description

The Keystone Cup 410 sprint car series comes to Big Diamond Speedway along with the ARDC midgets on May 30, 2011. Video contains the complete show including all time trials, heats and feature events for all divisions on a single DVD.


Keystone Cup 410 Sprint Car Feature Finish (30 laps): FRED RAHMER ($5,000), Daryn Pittman, Aaron Ott, Stevie Smith, Chad Layton, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Mark Smith, Justin Henderson, Sam Schlossberg, Ryan Kissinger, Greg Hodnett, Mike Walter Jr., Tyler Walker, Mark Ide, Lance Dewease.

Did Not Start: Billy Schoffstall, Frank Cozze.

ARDC Midget Feature Finish (25 laps): RYAN SMITH, Steve Buckwalter, Tim Buckwalter, Steven Bull, Dusty Heistand, Parker Evans, Bruce Buckwalter Jr., Drew Heistand, Brenden Bright, Brett Arndt, Alex Bright, Mark Gilmore, Greg Fitzpatrick, Billy Pauch Jr., Shane Penny, P.J. Gargiulo, Nick Wean, Joe Butera, Shawn Jackson, Keith McIntyre.

Did Not Start: Steve Drevicki, Dave Shirk, Steve Craig.

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