Big Diamond Speedway - May 25, 2012 DVD (URC Sprints)

Big Diamond Speedway - May 25, 2012 DVD (URC Sprints)
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Video Description

URC sprint car, 358 modified, sportsman, and roadrunner racing from Big Diamond Speedway on May 25, 2012. Video contains the complete show including all qualifying and feature events for all divisions on a single DVD.


URC Sprint Cars (25 laps) - Kevin Darling,  Davie Franek, Tim Hogue, Josh Weller, Joey Biasi,  Ryan Bohlke,  Mark Bitner, Robbie Stillwaggon,  Art Liedl, Andy Best, Jonathan Swanson, Kevin Nagy, Troy Betts, Eddie Wagner,  Scott Lutz,  Jimmy Reppert,  Randy West, Ed Aikin, Dan Mazy, Judi Bates, Joe Zuczek,  Tim Kelly, Kramer Williamson,  Jimmy Stitzel.  DNQ- - David Swanson,  Gene Burd, Chad Trout.

Station House 358 Modified Feature (25 laps) - Duane Howard

USS Achey Sportsman Feature (20 laps) - Billy Moyer, Jr.

Wooden Keg Tavern Roadrunner Feature (20 laps) - Shon Elk

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