Grandview Speedway - May 9, 2010 DVD (SpeedSTRs/NEETS)

Grandview Speedway - May 9, 2010 DVD (SpeedSTRs/NEETS)
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The Tobias SpeedSTRs and NEETS Enduro series compete on Mother's Day afternoon, May 9, 2010. The SpeedSTRs compete in a 25-lap feature event while NEETS holds two 100-lap enduro races for the big cars and small cars, and a 25-lap ladies race.

Video contains all the qualifying and feature events run during the afternoon.


SpeedSTR Feature Finish (25 laps): 1. Mario Page (Izzi Trucking 10, Hillsborough, NJ) ($800.00), 2. Tyler Potts (Thompson Motorsports 5, Milford, NJ), 3. DJ Macri (Johnny Muffler 28, Waretown, NJ), 4. Billy Van Inwegen Jr. (Monroe Motorsports 14, Sparrow Bush, NY), 5. Kyle Hieber (Thompson Motorsports 5, Langhorne, PA), 6. Gary Huber (Huber Racing 11H, Riverdale, NJ), 7. Doug Sherwood (Kiwi Farms 33, Piscataway, NJ), 8. Doug Rose (Amrose Motorsports DR1, Syracuse, NY), 9. Brandon Rahmer (Rahmer Motorsports 8, Salfordville, PA), 10. Don Zrinski (Kiwi Farms 75, Piscataway, NJ), 11. Kaitie McCardle (McCardle Motorsports 11, Honeybrook, PA), 12. Brittany Wixon (Wixon Racing 15, Reading, PA), 13. Steve Hicks (Hicks Motorsports , Doylestown, PA), 14. Freddie Rahmer, Jr. (Rahmer Motorsports 51, Salfordville, PA), 15. Scott Monroe (THP Racing 12, Reading, PA), 16. Justin Thompson (Thompson Motorsports 3, Lebanon, PA), 17. Jeff Gallup (Gallup Racing 9, Baldwinsville, NY)

NEETS Winners: Mike Wahl (4 Cyl.), Tim Pauch (6/8 Cyl.), Linsey Rummel (Ladies)

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