Grandview Speedway - May 7, 2005 DVD

Grandview Speedway - May 7, 2005 DVD
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Video Description

NASCAR 358 modified and late model racing at Grandview Speedway on May 7, 2005. Video contains the complete show including all qualifying and feature events for both divisions on a single DVD.


HARRY’S U-PULL-IT AUTO PARTS 30-LAP NASCAR MODIFIED FEATURE:1. Jon Kellner Sr. 2.Jeff Strunk 3. Craig VonDohren 4. Rick Schaffer 5.Kevin Hartnett 6.Ray Swinehart 7.Mike Gular 8. Tom Mayberry 9.Tracy Readinger 10. Donnie Erb 11. Ken Gilmore 12.Keith Brightbill 13.Doug Manmiller 14.Terry Meitzler 15.Ed Scott 16.Cliff Quinn 17.Sean Merkel 18.Shawn Reimert 19.Ryan Taylor 20.Sam Schaffer 21.Kerry Kratz 22.Bobby Gunther Walsh 23.John Tschudy 24. Ryan Watt 25.Tom Umbenhuaer 26. Bobby Trapper 27.Greg Humlhanz 28. John Willman 29. Randy Bailey.

HARRY’S U-PULL-IT AUTO PARTS 20-LAP NASCAR LATE MODEL FEATURE: 1.Mike Kellner 2. Dean Stoudt 3. Rick Todorow 4. Harry Neiman 5. Brian Shuey 6.Steve Sennott 7.Dave Conover 8. Terry Snyder 9. Dean Schaeffer 10.Bill Henning 11.Doug Walton 12. Kyle Pensinger 13.Greg Hoffmaster 14. Kelly Snyder 15.Sean Merkel 16.Mike Wharton 17.Ron Kline 18.Buddy Wharton 19. Doug Snyder 20.Chuck Keely 21.Lou Egrie 22.Dallas Breidenbach 23 John Giesler 24. Mark Malcolm.

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