Boardwalk Hall - January 20-21, 2006 DVD (4th Annual Atlantic City Gambler's Classic)

Boardwalk Hall - January 20-21, 2006 DVD (4th Annual Atlantic City Gambler's Classic)
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Video Description

The 4th annual Gambler's Classic weekend at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall on January 20-21, 2006. Video consists of three-disc DVD set containing all the racing action from the entire weekend for the TQ midgets/600cc micro sprints (combined class), slingshots, champ karts, and micro stocks.

Disc Contents: Disc #1 - Friday practice and time trial highlights. Heats, consolation race, and feature for the champ karts. Two slingshot heat races and the triple roaring 20s qualifiers for the TQ midgets/600cc micro sprints. Disc #2 - The entire Saturday afternoon small car nationals including qualifying and feature races for champ karts, slingshot young lions, sportsman micro stocks, and outlaw micro stocks. Disc #3 - Slingshot feature, dirt vs. asphalt celebrity slingshot race, TQ midget/600cc micro sprint c-main, b-main, and 40-lap Gambler's Classic a-main.


TQ Midget/600cc Micro-Sprint ‘Gambler’s Classic’ A-Main Finish (40 laps): 1. Lou Cicconi Jr., 2. Mike Dicely, 3. Jack Spence, 4. Mike Lichty, 5. B.J. MacDonald, 6. John Ivy, 7. Rick Eckert, 8. Heath Hehnly, 9. Mike Tidaback 10. Robbie Nixon, 11. Billy Pauch, 12. Mike Iles, 13. Cody Darrah, 14. Joey Payne, 15. Ted Christopher, 16. Bobby Watkins Jr., 17. Bill Unglert, 18. Frank Polimeda, 19. Curt Michael, 20. Stewart Friesen, 21. Danny Shirey, 22. Jon Gambuti, 23. Tim Adams, 24. Steve Buckwalter, 25. Curtis Friesen, 26. Matt Janisch.

Slingshot Feature Finish: 1. Ryan Smith 2. Scott Goodrich 3. Joel Smith 4. Jim Housworth 5. Pat Bealer

Dirt vs. Asphal Slingshot Celebrity Race: 1. Steven Intravaia 2. Tony Hirschman 3. Doug Hoffman 4. Jimmy Blewett 5. Frank Cozze 6. Alan Johnson

Friday Night Champ Kart Feature Finish (20 laps): 1. Andrew Hutchinson, 2. Justin Rau, 3. Andrew Swisher, 4. Andrew Bohn, 5. Stephen Moran, 6. Carl Thomas, 7. Nick Herriven, 8. Rudy Pinkham, 9. Jerry Solomito, 10. Chris Dalex, 11. Matt Ferris, 12. J.R. Bertuccio, 13. Shane Solomito, 14. Tammy Smith, 15. Paulie Harraka, 16. Joseph Jasinsky, 17. John Beatty, 18. Michael Maskulyak, 19. Jeff Paulson, 20. Tim Buckwalter, 21. Lauren Kasky, 22. Chris Wramage, 23. Paul McCollum, 24. Erika Palmai.

SMALL CAR NATIONALS FEATURE WINNERS Christopher Allen Jr. (Young Lion Slingshots) Richie Byrne (Sportsman Micro Stocks) Tom Ervin (Outlaw Micro Stocks) Brett Stratford (Champ Karts)

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